Update-July 2017

Work continues around studio space,some really lovely portrait sessions recently,getting the opportunity to use studio lighting outside,and a brilliant  bit of work in Venice in April,photographing Rachel Maclean,who is representing Scotland at the Venice Biennale.Even found time to show some of my experimental film work at Alchemy space in Hawick as part of the Moving Image Makers Collective.

More of a "between and after"









Update-May  2016

Updating site with portrait and wedding images,a few issues to sort with sizing,nearly there.

Much time spent in the last few weeks digging and clearing space in front of the new studio,will post before and after photos.And yes,the lone figure digging that you see at the top of the farm just as you head down the A7 into Hawick,it,s probably me!

Update-April 2016

We have moved out of the studio space in North Bridge Street,just in case you thought we had headed to somewhere warmer.

We are now working from a new space at the top of Newton Farm,on the A7 heading North out of Hawick(2 miles from town).

The studio is up and running,a few portrait sessions completed already,and currently working(weather permitting!)on preparing the space outside to allow us to take more portraits in natural light,to allow more variety.This is an ongoing project,and will keep you posted on progress. 

For any enquiries on Weddings,please contact June on  


and she will contact you with any information you require.

Telephone Contact remains with Mobile-07737028611

although if you are unable to reach me there,please ring our home number- 01450 378472,as i may be working away from studio

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us during our time in North Bridge Street and all who helped with relocation.It has been exciting,and looking forward to the next chapter

Updating-September 2015

Yes,it has been a while-website has been seriously neglected while day to day,photographing weddings,portraits,and tuition has continued.I am in the middle of uploading a variety of images from these days,where people have been so generous in offering the opportunities.Final Wedding of the year tomorrow,really looking forward to it,and hoping that the weather blesses us.Again thanks to everyone for their support and letting us be a part of it all.

Update-2nd April 2010

we have taken a lease on a shop at 9 North Bridge Street in Hawick.It is really exciting to be back in the centre of town,after 2 years working from the lovely cottage on Terry and Margarets farm.To all the people who have helped us get the space ready-in less than 2 weeks!--we really are extremely grateful.Phone line now connected --01450 379367

We now are able to take Passport/I.D.Photos(£5 for 4,£6 for 6)Price increase as of August 2011-if the photos are taken for Passport or official ID,we will retake without additional charge,should they be refused

If you accidentally wipe your digital camera memory card,we may be able to recover the photos for you-

usual cost is £10 for cards 4GB or smaller,£20 for 8Gb or larger.

Photo restoration-of old,faded,damaged photos can be carried out -come in with your photo and we will quote for the work,and let you see examples of previous photo restoration


About us

June  and Patrick Rafferty are photographers living just outside the Borders town of Hawick. We are a couple,with an equal commitment to recording your wedding day as you would like to remember it. Our passion for photography allows us to approach your day with an open mind,but a clear idea of what is important to you,and we will be with you from  before the service,at least until the dances to celebrate your union. We will meet with you before the wedding to let you tell us how you want us to approach the event,with our assurance that we will be as discrete as possible,mindful of the fact that we are fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to help create memories of a really special day.

A couple whose wedding we photographed in 2004,suggested that although it was their big day,they would miss many of the little moments when they were surrounded by their family and friends,and asked us to record all the joy and celebration around them.This struck a chord,and ever since, we found we were able to approached the subsequent  weddings with not only a desire to put together a sequence of photos which cover the traditional,most requested type of images,but also the impromptu,touching details which often are more representative of the day. This was a perfect opportunity to continue with a reportage style approach,as many of our commissions and submissions over the previous two decades had been for  traditional,hand processed and printed images,mainly for exhibition,Stills Gallery in Edinburgh and Galway Arts festival being notable examples. A Knitwear documentary,which recorded the everyday working lives of people involved in the industry in Hawick,was shown at Hawick Museum alongside Hawick Camera Clubs 60th Anniversary show,and i am grateful to Derek Lunn for providing funds to enable this to happen.


Alongside this,we have been ,since 2005,recording the Wickerman Festival,in Dumfries and Galloway,and are indebted to Mc Cleary P R for providing Access All Area passes to enable us to do this in 2008-and 2009-many thanks to Sid Ambrose (Artistic Director),Caroline Mc Cleary (Public Relations),Helen Chalmers(Wickerman Festival Coordinator ) and Sean Makin(twohundredx200 Website),for a fabulous weekend of music, merriment, and fabulous photo opportunities, images now up  on gallery page.




2008 also presented the opportunity to photograph Gatecrasher music Festival,courtesy of Ross Purdie at Virtual Festivals.The Prodigy on the main stage on Saturday night were a band i have waited a long time to see,photos in Summer 2008 Gallery.

Many thanks also to Heather Marshall and Vivienne Bannerman,for the opportunity to photograph the "Books for Kids Awards "at the Heart of Hawick.

We must both offer a huge thankyou to all the people who have supported us during 2008,either by commissioning us to photograph their Weddings,Family portraits,celebrations, or have purchased prints.Many people have also given us the opportunity to display our work - Ross and Lynne at the Caddyman Restaurant,Chris and Frances at the Damascus Drum,Lynsey at LA Gems,and Streets Ahead(Borders)

Also Rory Bannerman,Debra and Simone,and Can&Sev,who have provided invaluable support in so many ways.



At last,i have been burning the midnight oil,and have nearly completed the update of portrait,wedding ,and Events photos.Still have some of the old galleries on site,through time will migrate these to the new system.Apologies if the duplication confuses.

We are delighted to be involved with Village Hall Promotions ,a new artist management and Music promotion company based in the Borders,who look set to put on some exciting events in 2010.

Thanks again to all the people who were kind enough to let us use photos 

Heriot Watt University commissioned us to photograph the 2007 Fashion Show -Exposure- images can be viewed at The Big PictureLibrary alongside many of the music and portrait commissions we have completed in the past few years.