Photo Restoration

Old or damaged photographs?Or have somehow managed to erase or lose important photos from your digital camera memory card?

                    Please feel free to contact us to see if we are able to help.

Memory Card Recovery- Recovered Photos will be saved to a C.D.,on a no photos/no charge basis.

Usual cost is approximately £10 for cards of 1GB. or smaller,up to 4 GB currently costs £20.00,with images saved to DVD,and includes return postage costs.Files will be saved until we have confirmation from you that your original memorycard and the disc with saved photos are returned to you.

(If you are anxious about putting important photos or Memory Cards in the post,you can deliver to us at our home address,phoning first to arrange a mutually suitable time)

                                                        (01450 378472)

We have experience of photo restoration,from negatives,slides,glass plates,and tattered yet priceless family photos.

Prices start from £7.50 for a minor repair,more complex jobs can be examined and you will have a quote from us on the cost before any work is carried out,so no unpleasant financial surprises.

Examples of photo restoration can be viewed in the gallery section of this website,alongside original photos,and approximate costs.Please feel free to use the contact us page to see if we are able to help.